Interior Plant Care

Plantscapes’ staff of professionally certified technicians will bring your offices, lobbies, and public spaces to life with beautiful indoor foliage

Landscape Maintenance

From irrigation to pruning, turf care to pest control, flowering color to perennials, Plantscapes’ Landscape Division will enhance your property’s ‘Curb Appeal.'

Landscape Construction and Design

Plantscapes has the experience to meet the challenge of everything from a rooftop garden on a new downtown Seattle condominium to a 10 acre office park



We look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you.

Effective interior and exterior landscape management requires a special appreciation of the way plants help define a business environment. Plantscapes’ 50 years of hands on experience informs every part of our philosophy of environmental enhancement, family-friendly landscaping, and customer service.

At Plantscapes Inc. we have award winning Interior and Exterior specialists eager to assist clients, landscape architects, designers, and interior decorators. We work closely with you to ensure the successful realization of every project. Here’s just a sample of what we can do for you:

  • Horticultural Services : Plantscapes Inc.’s guarantee of quality and commitment to customer satisfaction are the driving force behind the management of your account
  • Blooming Plant Programs : Plantscapes Inc. offers a wide variety of blooming annual and perennial flowers and shrubs that can be tailored to your design and budget needs. We have color programs for both indoor and outdoor plantings.
  • Holidays Decor : From traditional to contemporary, custom designed seasonal decorations are a strong point at Plantscapes Inc. Our designers work year round to give you the finest holiday designs.
  • Short Term Rentals : At special events such as conventions, trade shows, and banquets, plants are a great addition. They will enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your event at a reasonable cost.
  • Green Initiative : Plantscapes strives to protect the beauty of Puget Sound from the damaging effects of hazardous chemicals.  We participate in the EnviroStar Program. We choose the least toxic, most environmentally sensitive option available for every job. We use organic methods of pest control in our interior plant care program, so your office staff and the public are never exposed to dangerous chemicals. For exterior landscaping, we offer a wide selection of programs, ranging from organic landscaping and lawn care to Integrated Pest Management practices to chemical weed and pest controls applied safely by state licensed, certified technicians.

Please take a few minutes to look around our web site. We are proud of our work and honored to be associated with our clients. Let us show you the difference an experienced team of experts can make in your environment.

To speak with one of our Customer Service representatives, call 206.623.7100.  We are ready to help you.


Outstanding Customer Service is the #1 goal at Plantscapes. We will go the extra mile everyday to guarantee that you get the individual attention you deserve.

Plantscapes uses only high quality plant material, ensuring the healthiest green foliage and flowering plants.

Plantscapes’ technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, carefully trained and fully equipped. They are backed by the most dedicated support staff in the business.

Plantscapes’ services are fully guaranteed, regardless if foliage material is purchased or leased.

If plants that you bought or leased from Plantscapes need to be replaced, we use the same quality and sized material in our replacement program, ensuring you retain the same overall quality design. Replacements are done on time and unsolicited. If a plant fails due to poor care, we replace it. Period. Plantscapes has no hidden text or fine print in our contract. We offer only up front, sincere dedication to you, the customer.


By honoring these values, Plantscapes will continue to provide to our clients the best value in quality products and horticultural services.

  • Honesty
  • Respect For Diversity
  • Outstanding Communications
  • Positive Relationships
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Dedication
  • Support For Personal And Professional Growth

Plantscapes rewards pride, accountability and loyalty in its work force. When a member of our staff goes the extra mile to delight a client, the technician is acknowledged and rewarded. The clients’ and employees’ best interests are Priority #1 at Plantscapes.

By remaining active in organizations that promote the green industry, Plantscapes keeps informed of industry issues, standards and changing technology, so that we may always give our clients the best our industry has to offer.

Plantscapes never settles for second best. We not only meet, we will do everything we can to exceed expectations.

Excellent Service isn’t a slogan at Plantscapes. It is the heart of our business.

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