Interior Plant Care

Plantscapes' staff of professionally certified technicians will bring your offices, lobbies, and public spaces to life with beautiful indoor foliage.

Landscape Maintenance

From irrigation to pruning, turf care to pest control, flowering color to perennials, Plantscapes' Landscape Division will enhance your property's 'Curb Appeal.'

Landscape Construction and Design

Plantscapes has the experience to meet the challenge of everything from a rooftop garden on a new downtown Seattle condominium to a 10 acre office park.



pink geraniums in a greenhouseImprovements to your landscape design can yield remarkable results – both in the look of your property and in its value. Something as seemingly small as fresh bark can signal stability and care to an upscale market, bringing greater visibility and traffic for your business.

A parking strip planted with trees and blooming plants makes a far better impression that one planted with grass.

An entrance sign surrounded by colorful flowers has greater visual impact than a stand alone sign.

Strategically placed planters and benches can turn an entrance into a courtyard, turning passers-by into visitors and visitor into clients.

Plantscapes is ready and able to help you realize the greatest return from every inch of your property.

Our designers will choose plants suited specifically to the soil, moisture, and lighting conditions found on your property.

We scale our plants to harmonize with your buildings.

Because Plantscapes is a landscape construction and design company as well as a landscape maintenance company, we can install fixtures – like benches and tables – and hardscapes, like brick patios and flagstone walkways, that shape and beautify your outdoor areas. And then we can care for your new landscape design, ensuring that your plants always look as healthy and full as new.

When you work with Plantscapes, there is no need to worry about subcontractors and middlemen. Plantscapes has the depth of experience,  talent, and staff to handle any project from beginning to end.

To get started on your landscape project or renovation, just fill in the form below. A member of our Customer Service Department will contact you as soon as we can evaluate your request – usually within one or two business days. You may also call Plantscapes directly at (206) 623-7100 and ask to speak to Dustin Madden orKathie Madsen to schedule a walk through and evaluation of your property.

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